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*ComScore, June 2009.

Rental Advertising – Rental Listing Service

Like so many things, the Internet has become the best place to list your rental property. The best way to find renters quickly is to advertise your rental property online. is the most effective listing service to advertise, manage and lease rentals on the web – and it’s easy to use, too.

The Best Rental Listing Advertising Service is a business tool that is specifically designed to fill vacancies quickly and maximize return on your investment. Our site offers space to include photos, descriptions of the property, amenities and special offers, all of which prospective renters can see at no cost. draws millions of rental home seekers each month, and they return often. Additionally, renters see all your property listing information before contacting you, saving you time and effort, and on, there is no per-lead charge. Thanks to our search engine optimization team, your rental home listing will appear near the top of search results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This ensures faster, more quality leads and less time between tenants.

Advertise with Us & Know How Your Listing Performs

Once your rental listing is posted on, you can monitor your properties and inquiries via Through this tracking tool, each listing is automatically given a unique call tracking number to check leads. Phone and e-mail leads are stored in the database, and customizable activity reports also allow you to manage results. You will know exactly how many leads we send to you, and you can monitor listing performance.

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Advertise your rental on, select the Network of Sites option, and your rental property listing is automatically syndicated to more than 30 of the most popular rental listing service websites on the internet. Our Network of Sites includes RentalHouses, Oodle, HotPads, Craigslist, Google Base, MySpace Classifieds and many more. Using the AdCreator, you can post rental properties in an identical format to your listings to Craigslist without re-entering information or paying to advertise the rental in another space. Inclusion in our Network of Sites extends your advertising reach and multiplies your listing’s effectiveness.

Also in the family of sites are, and