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Find Houses to Rent in the Progressive City of Adamsville, AL

Adamsville is a thriving community that prides itself in being among the most progressive and liveable small cities in the U.S. It boasts a growing population as well as increasing commerce, making it a fun center for young people looking for homes to rent in the area. Despite its urban identity, Adamsville features some of the most beautiful scenic locations in the entire state. Those looking for modern city convenience amidst Alabama's natural beauty will love what Adamsville has to offer.

3 Things To Know About Adamsville

  • Adamsville is located in the western part of Jefferson County, the most populous county in the state of Alabama. Named after Thomas Jefferson, constituents in the county consider themselves to be among the most progressive in the state.
  • Renters in Adamsville are just 20 minutes away from the booming city of Birmingham, the county seat, which is widely regarded as the cultural center of the state.
  • In addition to numerous green spaces, the city offers three parks: Blackwell, Spring Street and Leland Adams. These parks host a number of events and activities, including youth softball, baseball and football leagues.

3 Resources for Renters in Adamsville

  • Adamsville offers four public schools in the city, including three elementary schools and one high school. Information about the Adamsville public school system is easily available from the city.
  • Entrepreneurs will find Adamsville a particularly welcoming environment. It offers a number of business and community growth incentives for individuals and companies who choose to do business in the city.
  • Those looking for the latest news from Adamsville can check out its community news page on