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Discover Houses for Rent in Elmore, AL

Elmore is a small town just north of Alabama's capital, Montgomery. But it's more than just the quick 15-mile commute to the city that makes homes for rent in Elmore perfect for families who want to live in central Alabama. What the town lacks in size it makes up for in beautiful landscapes and a close community. Children will love the large natural areas to explore, while parents will love the town's safety and friendly citizens. Although Elmore doesn't have the large buildings of Montgomery, it does have plenty of small town charm. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • An example of community closeness and care came in 1997, when the town had to re-incorporate itself and elect a government in order to save the volunteer fire department. The town was incorporated, and the newly elected mayor and town council found a way to save the fire department as well as costs. 
  • Elmore is named after the same man as the county in which it sits - Gen. John Archer Elmore. 
  • A group of businessmen founded the town in 1906 when they wanted to form a community in Elmore County. 

Helpful Resources for Elmore Residents

  • Officially incorporated as a town in 1997,  Elmore has very current laws and a strong Web presence for a town of its size. 
  • Children in Elmore are part of the Elmore County Public Schools district, which focuses on providing students with the academic, social and emotional tools to succeed after high school. 
  • As a smaller town, many of the local services, public works and law enforcement duties are taken over by the Elmore County offices. 

Live in Elmore

Whether they're playing in the vast outdoor beauty or spending time with close friends, families living in Elmore will thoroughly enjoy this small town.