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Houses for Rent in Calabasas, California

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Discover Houses for Rent in Calabasas, CA

Calabasas is a city ideally located close to Simi Valley and Los Angeles. This places families looking for homes for rent in a dynamic area with many jobs and resources for burgeoning young families. Residents of Calabasas have access to a number of fun locations, such as the Calabasas Country Club. Residents can use the Ventura Freeway to travel throughout California. Renters will also have the chance to visit Calabasas Peak State Park to enjoy leisure and recreation. Residents can also visit more formal locations, such as Official Translation, a city government office, to take care of business related to living in Calabasas.

Historical Facts About Calabasas

  • The Chumash Native American tribe were early inhabitants of what is today the city of Calabasas.
  • The name is derived from this tribe, who referred to the area as Calabasas, an Indian word that may mean "where the wild geese fly." However, others think that the name merely refers to agricultural crops, such as pumpkins.
  • The Spanish had a significant impact on Calabasas, with the first expeditions to the area taking place in the 1700s.
  • Settlers formed ranches in the 1800s. Many of these early inhabitants had to fight vigorously against poverty in the attempt to build a life in California.

Resources for Renters 

  • Calabasas has a website that provides renters with the latest news and information about life in the city. The site produces a weekly video called "The Buzz" that keeps residents up to date about upcoming events during the week. The site also displays information on government, maps, demographics and notifications.
  • The city's Chamber of Commerce has a website that will help a potential renter garner information about community services, perks of being a member of the chamber and various other essential resources.