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Houses for Rent in Danville, California

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Find Houses for Rent in Danville, CA

Between San Ramon and Walnut Creek lies the beautiful town of Danville. Homes for rent there give individuals access to an upscale style of living and high quality of life.

Facts for Renters About Danville

  • American settlers came to the town during the California Gold Rush. Two miners, Andrew and Dan Inman, used their money from mining to buy the land. Danville was named not for the brother, but for Andrew's mother-in-law, who was from Danville, Kentucky.
  • Danville's original industries were in ranching and farming. Cattle and sheep were important for ranchers, and farmers produced hay, walnuts, apples, barley, wheat and more. When the railroad came to the town, these industries grew from the ease of exporting the goods.
  • Many of the historical buildings in the area still stand today. For example, there is the 1874 Grange Hall, the Danville Hotel and many houses that were built by the original residents of the town.

Resources for Renters

Attractions in Danville

Danville is full of upscale amenities for renters. There's plenty of shopping for every style and taste. For instance, there are over a dozen stores for antique and collectible items. For renters more interested in sweets, there's The Olde Town Danville Bakery, where one can custom order cakes, cupcakes and cookies for events or pick premade items up in-store for a quick snack. The Discover Danville Association also hosts events that renters can attend, like the Thursday Night Street Festivals throughout the summer months and the Spring Wine and Chocolate Stroll.