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Encinitas is a California city directly abutting the Pacific Ocean, a fortuitous piece of information for parents and residents searching for homes for rent in a beautiful area. The city is located in Southern California, placing it close to Solana Beach and Del Mar. Residents concerned about transportation and the ability to travel throughout the west coast should be placated by Encinitas' close location to the San Diego Freeway. The city also offers a highly cultured setting for potential residents. Renters and families can visit La Paloma theater for a show, visit the San Diego Botanic Garden and put up family and friends at the Inn at Moonlight Beach. 

Principal Historical Information About Encinitas

  • Encinitas has been governed by numerous groups over the years, with the Mexican government ruling the city in 1800. Renters interested in the pluralistic and multi-cultural legacy of California should investigate further to discover interesting historical facts about the city. 
  • The city's name is derived from the Spanish word for the oak trees that dotted the area. Residents interested in natural beauty can visit the region to see if the trees still convey the same inspiration that persuaded early settlers of the town to name the city Encinitas.
  • Numerous Native American tribes inhabited the area of what has come to be known as Encinitas. These included the La Jollans, San Dieguitos and the Dieguenos.

Handy Resources for Renters 

  • Families and residents making the transition to Encinitas may be concerned about elderly parents and grandparents moving to a brand new location. Thankfully, the city has a website that provides specific information on resources for Senior Citizens, sure to be appealing to families searching for a hospitable place to live. 
  • Renters passionate about starting a family and granting them the best education possible should look through Encinitas Unified School District's website, which offers helpful information for parents. 

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Check out Rentals.com's cheap rental houses in Encinitas. You can use our price filters to find rental houses under $1300, under $1500, under $2000, under $2500, under $3000, under $4000

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Rentals.com was built with parents in mind. Within Encinitas we have 866 rental houses spread across multiple school districts. To help narrow your search, simply enter the school name within the Rentals.com search bar to find rental homes in that school district.

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