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Houses for Rent in Lemoore, California

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Explore Gorgeous Houses for Rent in Lemoore, CA

Lemoore is a medium-sized city located next to Hanford. The area, which also houses Naval Air Station Lemoore, has homes for rent near many different kinds of entertainment, including casinos, a golf course and a cinema. Renters can go to shows, get spa treatments, and play slots or table games at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino or the Royal Flush Casino. Though Lemoore is almost 200 miles from larger cities like San Francisco, it still has plenty to keep renters busy.

Facts for Renters

  • Lemoore used to be located against the shores of Tulare Lake. This was once the largest body of water in California and was speculated to be one of the largest in the U.S. Over time, the lake dried up, but when the rivers in the area flood it appears again for a short time.
  • The area was first settled in 1871 by Dr. Lovern Moore, who convinced all the isolated farmers to form one single community. At the time, it was called Latache, and for a period it went by Lee Moore's. In 1873 it was officially renamed to Lemoore. The city was incorporated in 1900.
  • Initially the region was grazing land for sheep and cattle. Since the soil was exceptionally fertile, the resident also turned to farming grain for income. The water level was very high, making wells and irrigation trenches easy to dig.

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