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Lomita is a city in California's Los Angeles County. It's located south of Torrance and Carson. "Lomita" is a Spanish word meaning "little knoll," and those who find homes for rent in the area will discover that this is a quaint description of the modern, family-friendly city.

Historical Facts About Lomita

  • The earliest known inhabitants of Lomita were the Gabrielino Indians. Remnants of a village that they called Suangna, or "Place of the Rushes," remained in the city until the 1850s.
  • In 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed into Bahia de los Humos, or "Bay of Smoke." Sebastian Viscaino arrived in 1603, and renamed it San Pedro Harbor after Saint Peter.
  • Rancho San Pedro was the first land grant in California given by King Charles III of Spain. It was located on what became Carson, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Lomita, Wilmington and parts of San Pedro.
  • Rancho Los Palos Verdes was also located in the area, but natural disasters caused it to shut down. It was divided and sold to 17 different buyers in 1882. Most of the land that's now Lomita was sold to Ben Weston and the Ranch Water Company.

Helpful Resources for New Renters

  • Lomita's official website is a great place to start looking for more information about the city. It has exciting upcoming events, department contact information, city officials, government details and more.
  • The Lomita Library, part of the County of Los Angeles Public Library system, is a good resource for those who are looking to do research or find entertainment options. It also has fun events for families throughout the year.
  • The Lomita Railroad Museum's site is a cool place to visit if renters want to learn more about the local history and how it was shaped by the railroad industry.