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It's no surprise that people of all ages seek out homes for rent in Mission Hills. Citizens get all the benefits of living in sunny Southern California - after all, it's located on the coast just 10 minutes from Lompoc. That being said, those who check out this census-designated place don't have to deal with any of the pitfalls of a large Golden State city, which can include traffic and impure air. 

The seaside community plays home to many happy people and beautiful vistas. There are so many things individuals who have decided to make their home in Mission Hills should know and do.

Facts for Renters in Mission Hills

  • Mission Hills is located in Santa Barbara County, a large region that is home to multiple large urban areas - meaning there's always something to do nearby.
  • The first settlers in the region were Chumash Indians, who made the area their home base for about 10,000 years before the first Europeans discovered the Lompoc Valley.
  • The valley saw a lot of growth and interest in the early 20th century, when the first railway linking Los Angeles and San Francisco was created.

Resources for Renters

  • Renters in Mission Hills should look into the county's Parks Division to find fun ways to take advantage of the outdoors. Santa Barbara County boasts 24 day parks, 45 open public spaces and two camping areas.
  • If those living in the area want to visit elsewhere or fly their family in, they should check out their flight options at Santa Barbara Airport.
  • Individuals in Mission Hills should head over to the Lompoc Public Library, where they can find a lot of resources about the area, as well as the latest best sellers.