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Find Houses for Rent in Monterey Park, CA 

Bordered by Interstate 10 in the north and Route 60 in the south, Monterey Park is a large suburban community outside of Los Angeles. East Los Angeles Community College is located in Monterey Park. Homes for rent in the community are great for families of all ages. In addition to continuing education options, there are also a number of parks around town that are perfect for kids, like Barnes Park or Garvey Ranch Park. Shopping, dining and other entertainment businesses are also popular in Monterey Park. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • The Midwick View Estates are a unique historical destination to visit. Begun in the 1920s to join in on the garden communities that were growing around Los Angeles, these estates were modeled after Bel-Air or Beverly Hills. Jardin del Encanto is one of the most famous structures in the estates. 
  • Monterey Park was ranked as the LA neighborhood with the second-largest Chinese population after Chinatown. 
  • The original residents of the area were the Shoshone Indians. In 1771, the Spanish marched an army into the settlement of 4,000 Native Americans and took it over. 

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