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Newark is a community in California's Bay Area near Fremont. Newark is bordered to the north and east by Route 84 and Interstate 880, respectively. To the west, the bay and a number of sloughs act as the border. Homes for rent in Newark are just across the bay from Palo Alto, Mountain View and all of the Silicon Valley communities for a quick commute. Newark itself is a city with a small-time feel, including parks, shopping areas, local businesses and some great kayaking locations.

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • The Bay Area was one of the most populous and well-developed areas of California when it first became a state in 1850. Newark, like San Francisco and other major cities, was a booming community following the Gold Rush. 
  • Newark is named for the "Newark" castle in Port Glasgow, Scotland. It was named by J. Ross Browne, who was a diplomat to China under President Andrew Johnson. He developed the area in the late 1800s. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The official Newark website gives residents access to an array of useful information. Although there are plenty of important links to city departments, meeting minutes and municipal forms, the website showcases fun things as well. Renters can find upcoming events, community clubs and youth sports on the Web page too. 
  • With eight elementary schools, a high school, an alternative high school, preschool and adult education options, the Newark Unified School District has education opportunities for the whole community. 
  • Because of its proximity to Fremont, the Fremont Bulletin is a great local news source for Newark residents. Published by the much larger San Jose Mercury News, renters know that they're getting quality reporting.