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Houses for Rent in Rialto, California

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Find Houses for Rent in Rialto, CA

Rialto is a city in San Bernardino County. It's approximately an hour from Los Angeles, one of the most prominent cities on the West Coast. Homes for rent in this town give people the opportunity to enjoy the quiet suburb or the action associated with bustling cities nearby. There's also plenty to do. Fly around the city and enjoy gorgeous views courtesy of OC Helicopters. Take in some fun music and dancing at Raquel's Jazz Lounge. If you're interested in outdoor adventure, check out Enjoy the Mountain, which lets you mountain bike or rent an all-terrain vehicle.

Facts for Renters

  • Historians believe the city was first settled by Native Americans some time around the 1500s. After that, the next record of people in the area were Spanish Dons who were awarded the land by the king. 
  • Rialto is also the home of several famous people, most notably athletes of all kinds. 
  • This city has a partially uncompleted highway that has been used in Fear Factor for extreme stunts.
  • When it was first settled, Rialto was a place for farmers to come and grow citrus trees. Today, a small patch - about 10 acres worth - of those trees still exist. The land is divided among several families who either grow and pick the fruit for themselves or sell it on the side of the road.
  • Rialto has an old adobe house on its land that the city rents to the local historical society for $1 a year.

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