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Rio Vista is less than an hour's drive south of Sacramento. Homes for rent in this city give families access to a small-town atmosphere and plenty of entertainment in nearby metropolitan areas. Residents can visit the Sandy Beach County Park to fish and relax on the beaches of the Sacramento River. There's also hiking trails and camping space available with amenities such as hot water, RV stations and barbecue pits. While swimming isn't recommended due to strong currents, there's jet-skiing, boating and windsurfing for those who enjoy activities on the water.

Facts for Renters

  • Rio Vista is one of the oldest communities in Solano County. Col. Nathan Davis founded it in 1858, and it thrived due to the rich opportunities for fishing. In the early days, it often shipped canned salmon to areas such as San Francisco.
  • The city has gone through several names over time. The current moniker was chosen by Postmaster Charles Kirkpatrick's wife in the mid 1800s. Before that, it was called Winds End, Brazos del Rio and Vista del Rio.
  • The initial settlement for the city was located two miles closer to the river delta. In 1862, the Sacramento River flooded its banks and covered the town in 12 feet of water, destroying everything but harming none of the residents. The city was then rebuilt in its present location.

Resources for Renters

  • Residents who are interested in boating or camping can explore the Delta Marina website for information on docking boats or staying in the RV park.
  • Rio Vista has its own Amtrack stop. Renters can go online to buy tickets and view train schedules.
  • The city hosts the annual Rio Vista Bass Derby and Festival. The group's website has details on contest regulations as well as events like the parade and car show.