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Houses for Rent in Wildomar, California

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Explore Houses for Rent in Wildomar, CA

Located near the city of Murrieta, Wildomar has homes for rent in a fast-growing area filled with beautiful scenery. With easy access to big cities, Lake Elsinore and local vineyards, the area has plenty to do for renters.

Facts for Renters About Wildomar

  • Wildomar's name is a portmanteau of the names of its founders: William Collier, Donald Graham and Margaret Collier.
  • After the railroad tracks in the area were rendered unusable by erosion, the city focused mainly on the farming and ranching industries. Many horse ranches remain there today.
  • The city was once a stop for the Butterfield Stage route of the Pony Express.

Resources for Renters in Wildomar

  • The Lake Elsinore Unified School District serves the area, and its official website has information for parents on schedules and enrollment. 
  • The Wildomar Chamber of Commerce page has details on local events, employment and history. 
  • Renters can look to The Press-Enterprise to keep up to date on local and national news. This newspaper is available by subscription or at its website.

Attractions in Wildomar

The city's proximity to Lake Elsinore means there's lots of recreational activities for renters such as fishing, camping and boating for those who enjoy the outdoors. The area also has a resort and a casino. Daring individuals can even try their hand at skydiving. Nearby Temecula is perfect for those who want to gain some culture. It has an Old Town area to transport renters back to the early days of Southern California, as well as the Temecula Children's Museum. The area is perhaps most famously known for being in the heart of a great wine region. Renters in Wildomar can taste and learn about California's famous wines. In Wildomar itself, there are plenty of restaurants and shopping centers that are convenient for local renters.