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Apartments for Rent in Boca Raton, FL

Boca Raton, a small city in Florida, has a population of just under 94,000. Retirees account for a greater percentage of the population (25%) here than nationally (14%), while young professionals account for a smaller percentage of the city. At an average age of just over 45, the city's population is older than most cities in Florida. Renters tend to be in the minority in the area, and 71% of residents own their homes. With an average rent of $1,603 a month, exceeding the state average by $450 a month, relatively high rent costs may be playing a role in the higher levels of ownership.

Boca Raton residents have an average commute of about 23 minutes, outperforming the state average of about 29 minutes. Driving a car or truck is the most common means of commuting to work, chosen by 40% of commuters, while public transportation isn't extensively used. Walking isn't a common method of commuting to work.

Many Boca Raton residents work in one of three industries: retail, scientific, and entertainment. Together, these industries make up 20% of the workforce in the city. Meanwhile, in terms of job function, many of the city's workers are in management, as 10% of the city's population reports this as their field of work, the highest number of any field. With an average annual income of just over $98K, Boca Raton workers take home more than their peers elsewhere in Florida. The city's average income also compares favorably to the national average of $73,345. Compared to the national average (7%), Boca Raton has a large percentage of residents older than 25 with advanced degrees, as 12% have earned a Master's degree or a Doctoral degree. Furthermore, 23% have a Bachelor's degree, which also outpaces the national average.

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