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The man who once said "Friendship is love without his wings," was named Lord Byron. That's how Byron got it's name back in the late 1800s. Since it's early ties with the famous American figure, the city has come a long way but hasn't lost it's charm. Citizens and visitors enjoy buying locally-sourced, fresh produce at the Farmer's Market downtown during the summers. Pharmacies, cottages and a pet shop give the area a small-town feel. More family activities are nearby in Warner Robins and Centerville. Byron is a wonderful place for families who are looking for homes for rent.

Facts about Byron

  • Right in the downtown area, you can see a historical railroad, caboose and all, from the late 1800s. More peaches were shipped along this line than anywhere else in the world. Since then the site has been refurbished and turned into a museum so people could continue to learn about it. 

  • Several homes from the 1800s remain in great condition, including a Georgian cottage built by a doctor, a two-story Greek Rival home built in 1914 and a home with Corinthian columns shipped from Italy built in 1921. Each of the homes are located in the downtown area either on or around Main Street.

  • Every year, the city holds a day of fun events, called The Battle of Byron. Tug-of-war, volleyball and pie-eating all go on at the family-fun celebration. It's free and people are welcome to participate or watch the challenges.

Information for Renters

  • Visit the city's official website to explore The Battle of Byron, the historical buildings and to get more information. 
  • Learn more about the business aspect of town on The Chamber of Commerce website. It also has information on public schools, hospitals and the health department.