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The city of Dalton is located in the valley close to Chatsworth and Lafayette. A large number of manufacturing industries bring opportunity to the area. Further, there are plenty of family-fun activities through the recreational department, school systems, privately-owned businesses, natural trails and exhibits. Dalton State College offers degrees in Business, Communication, Psychology, Education and Political Science. Dalton has been credited as one of the few places in the country where business and education combine to enhance long-term learning. It's business opportunities, small-town feel and educational systems make Dalton a great place for families who are looking at homes for rent.

Facts about Dalton

  • The city was named after its founder Edward Dalton White.
  • The railroad helped pave the way for the city and one of the structures from 1847 still stands today. It's one of few pieces of architecture in the state that pre-dates the American Civil War. 
  • The trains also transported soldiers during the Civil War and contributed to the city's economic growth and transportation of goods. Learn about its history at the Dalton Freight Depot Visitor Center. Admission is free-of-charge for visitors. 
  • But before the Civil War, Dalton was known for its association with Andrew Jackson's "Trail of Tears". The Cherokee Indians were forced to leave the area by American settlers. Signs around the city make it possible to walk the same path that the Native Americans did when they were migrating.

Information for Renters

  • Visit the city's official website for information on public schools, the state college, city budget, administration and a deeper look at the history of Dalton.
  • The Chamber of Commerce has extensive data on economic development, quality of life and information specific to new residents.