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Find Houses for Rent in La Grange, IL

The Village of La Grange Park is a lovely community to live in. It's approximately located an hour west of Chicago. Homes for rent allow families to watch a play at La Grange Theatre, relax and do some deep breathing at the Primal Oceans Salt Cave, or go shopping at the Jackson Square Mall.

Facts for Renters

  • Many settlers were drawn to the area around La Grange during the 1830s. They were overwhelmed by the bustling city of Chicago and wanted to get away to the peaceful prairies of the West. President Martin Van Buren offered settlers land grants, and they gladly accepted them.
  • One of the original settlers to the town was Joseph Vial, who built a log cabin that still stands today and can be seen by visitors. Another well known settler was Robert Leich.
  • Settlers had a few funny sayings. If they wanted to stop at a place known as the "Garden Spot of Cook County", they would be traveling to Robert Leich's house. Leich had a considerable amount of land, and sold his land to another settler who developed the area into an established town.
  • Today, the town is known for its lush landscape and close proximity to the city, without being too close to the chaos.

Resources for Renters

  • Find out more about this quaint village or what there is to do for residents and visitors by visiting the Village of La Grange Park website.
  • Learn more about local schools, when fundraisers are or how to enroll children in school by checking out the La Grange District 102 website.
  • If you're interested in finding out about local news and events or learning when public elections are, read The Doings, the local newspaper.