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Find Houses for Rent in Machesney Park, IL

Machesney Park is a lovely village located in Winnebago County. It's approximately 15 minutes from the city of Rockford. Homes for rent allow visitors to grab a beer and a burger at the Onyx Bar and Grill, go hiking in Rock Cut State Park or try out hookah at Jack's Cigar and Hookah Lounge.

Facts for Renters

  • Machesney Park is very local to the city of Rockford and Loves Park. The village is believed to have been named after Machesney Airport, which is where the Machesney Mall stands today. The airport was the main one for the area, including Rockford, until the 1950s. Then the Greater Rockfort Airport was developed.
  • Both Loves Park and Machesney Park were developed after Rockport was established in 1901. Loves Park came to be after being purchased by Rockport resident Malcolm Love. Loves Park has slightly more land and is a little closer to Rockport.
  • The area is known for its prosperous industries early on as well as the local railroad. Many commercial and residential businesses popped up quickly thanks to an influx of entrepreneurs and businessmen to the region.
  • Visitors and residents of Machesney Park can go to Loves Parks's Young at Heart Festival, which includes a pageant, parade and carnival.
  • Locals often go to Pig Minds Brewing Co., where they can sip on freshly brewed beer and get a tour.

Resources for Renters

  • Learn more about this area and other things to do in Winnebago County by checking out the Rockfort website.
  • Find out how to access a school calendar or when the next fundraising event is by checking out the Harlem School District 122 website.
  • Discover the breaking news around town, what the weather might be for the week and upcoming current events by checking out the Rockford Register Star.