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Find Houses for Rent in Morton Grove, IL

Morton Grove is a village located in Cook County. It's approximately 10 minutes from the city of Skokie. This village is a great place for homes for rent because it's right near Lake Michigan, Chicago and major highways like Interstate 94. Families can have a little fun by making your own beaded jewelry at Adelia's Closet, grab a slice at Giordano's or go to the local hangout, Burt's Place.

Facts for Renters

  • The area was initially settled in the 1840s by German and English families, creating a small community among the vast wilderness. A sect of the railroad was initially built in 1872, whichcrossed through town. A settler named Levi Parsons Morton named the stop after himself. Morton later became the vice president of the United States under Benjamin Harrison.
  • Before the 1900s, the village already had a mill, processing plants and even a few greenhouses, making the region innovative for its time. The greenhouses were so reputable that one business even won a prize at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair its roses. The first housing subdivision was built in 1891 by men with the last name Bingham and Fernald.
  • The village was officially incorporated in December 1895. In 1995, the village held a massive centennial celebration.
  • More recently, the village became known for its political opinion on gun control. In 1981, the village passed a law banning any private resident from possessing a handgun.

Resources for Renters

  • If you want to learn more about the fascinating history of this little village, or get to know which greenhouses were historically notable, check out the Morton Grove website.
  • Find out how to enroll your children in the local schools in the area or discover when to expect a parent teacher conference by visiting the Morton Grove School District 70 website.
  • Get your daily scoop of current events, breaking news and even the local weather by checking out the Niles newspaper.