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Explore Houses for Rent in Riverdale, IL

Families looking for homes for rent will find that Riverdale, Illinois, has much to offer. For one thing, it's conveniently located near the modern metropolis of Chicago. For another, Riverdale has a community that makes an effort to foster a sense of inclusiveness for everyone, particularly children. Between these two traits, renters will enjoy both a cosmopolitan life and close ties with their neighbors.

Fun Facts for Riverdale Renters

  • Riverdale is only about 20 miles away from Chicago, which is good news for those who need to commute for work, as well as those who enjoy frequent trips to city activities.
  • George Dolton was the first white settler after he came to the area in 1835.
  • In 1878, Riverdale saw its first major industries, which included a distillery, lumbar yard, ice houses, planing mills, a cooperage and cattle fattening pens.

Resources for Riverdale Renters

  • Households that include children with special needs can enjoy Special Recreation Services, which is a joint program run by the Calumet Memorial Park, Dolton Park and Riverdale Park Districts. The mission is to offer recreational programs to children with disabilities and special needs. Initiatives include year-round Special Olympics sports clubs and Friday night activities, which include dinners and dances.
  • ComEd supplies power to Riverdale and has several tips for residents who are trying to save money while practicing environmental consciousness. Strategies include replacing old refrigerator/freezer units and assessing energy efficiency for local businesses.
  • Students in Riverdale may attend classes through School Districts 133, 148 and 205.
  • Riverdale is served by the Riverdale Public Library District. Residents can not only borrow books, but also learn about fun and diverting activities around Cook County.
  • Water bills can be paid through a convenient online portal.