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Houses for Rent in Knoxville, Iowa

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Explore Houses for Rent in Knoxville, IA

Knoxville sits amid Indianola, Pella and Roberts Creek. This small city has big thrills, and homes for rent there will appeal to individuals with a taste for speed.

Facts for Renters About Knoxville

  • Knoxville is the "Sprint Car Capital of the World." It's home to the Knoxville Raceway and hosts the Knoxville Nationals annually.
  • The area was originally occupied by the Fox and Sac Native American tribes. When they occupied the land, the grass on the prairie could grow to be up to 10 feet high.
  • Knoxville's first public library was built in 1909 and was originally housed in a room in the courthouse. 

Resources for Renters

  • To learn more about Marion County, where Knoxville is located, renters can look to the Marion County website. It also has resources for those living in the area.
  • For local and national news, coupons and classifieds, the area is served by the Journal Express newspaper, which can also be read at its website.
  • Renters who want information on how to join the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce as well as local economy and businesses can use the organization's Web page.

Attractions in Knoxville

There are plenty of classic small-town attractions in Knoxville. Renters can find fresh and local produce at the farmers market downtown. At Lake Red Rock, there's hunting, biking, swimming and boating, making it a perfect spot for a weekend or afternoon of outdoor adventures. Renters who want more adventure and love racing will be enamored with the Knoxville Raceway as well as the Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum, where they can learn the history behind the races  before watching them.