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Houses for Rent in Youngsville, Louisiana

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Discover Houses for Rent in Youngsville, LA

Youngsville is a city in central Louisiana, just south of Lafayette, near Broussard and between routes 90 and 167. Youngsville, one of the state's fastest growing cities, prides itself on being a community filled with opportunities. Homes for rent in Youngsville give residents the chance to live in a place that's quickly evolving but still in touch with its historical roots. Families will love this sprawling residential community because it isn't crowded like many other cities. Kids can play on nearby Forest Park's baseball fields and tennis courts. Parents will like the short, 17-minute commute to Lafayette or easy trips to other nearby communities. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • The name Youngsville comes from when the community first got a post office in 1908 and decided to combine "young" and "village." Originally, it had been called Royville, since the French Acadian farmers founded the area in the early 1800s. 
  • Youngsville is proud of its quick and diverse development from a settlement, to a village, to a town and now a city. Many of the other communities in the area are much smaller. 
  • The city points to its hardworking citizens, agricultural history, metropolitan future and modern lifestyle as just some of the reasons why Youngsville is great. 

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