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Find Houses for Rent in Edgewater, MD

Edgewater is an Anne Arundel County location right on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. The town is known for beautiful views, exquisite waterfront properties and easy access to Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis. With more waterfront properties than most other places in Maryland, Edgewater homes for rent are as much status symbols as they are beautiful for their own sakes.

Things Edgewater Renters Need to Know

  • One-fourth of Edgewater's total land holdings are actually made up of water. That means many residents live on or near the bay.
  • Edgewater is bordered by the tidal South River. Residents will notice certain times of the day or different seasons throughout the year result in the edge of this body of water to be continuously in flux.

Top Resources for Edgewater Renters

  • The Town of Edgewater's website has a unique, interactive layout that makes it fun and easy for users of all ages. The page offers information on local deals, current events, community outreach and other useful facts about the region. Use this site to adopt a pet or learn about upcoming happenings.
  • Proving just how progressive the town truly is, Edgewater has a Facebook page. The location encourages users to like and interact with Edgewater personnel, thereby allowing the region to connect more closely with residents and visitors alike.

More Fun Things to Do Near Edgewater Rentals

The ease of public transit and accessibility to different historic and metropolitan aspects means that Edgewater is perfectly positioned to offer residents a day trip or staycation in any of these prominent cities. Go shopping in Maryland's malls, check out Washington, D.C.'s historic landmarks or make a day at the beach in Chesapeake Bay. The stunning panoramas of the water make for wonderful hiking and photography endeavors.