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Settle Into a House for Rent in Greenbelt, MD

Living in the nation's capital is sure to offer a unique experience for those who decide to find a home for rent in the area around Washington, D.C. Even residents find that the laundry list of tourist and cultural attracts is too long to ever complete. Aside from the monuments and government buildings in the city, Washington is home to the Smithsonian museums, world-famous restaurants, and jazz clubs where some of the genre's pioneers started their careers. Luckily, people who are looking to commute to Washington from one of the surrounding neighborhoods can enjoy an equally unique experience by renting a home in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Greenbelt's Historic Roots

Greenbelt is one of the country's more interesting communities, in that it got its start as a planned town under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. In a successful attempt to provide homes to the large groups of farm workers who moved near cities to look for jobs, Greenbelt homes were erected along Washington's perimeter.

Living and Renting in Greenbelt

The modernist style of many of the Greenbelt rentals and the unique design of the town is still a sight to behold for current residents. Homes around the city are connected to one another by footpaths that feed into central courtyards and garden spaces. A pedestrian underpass allows a pathway from Greenbelt homes to the town common, old commercial district and the community school. Since the old days, much development has occurred around what is now called the Greenbelt Historic District, giving the center an "old-world" feel, encompassed by newer neighborhoods. Adding to its quaint mystique, the center's Old Greenbelt Theater commonly treats those in Greenbelt rentals to classic films -- reminiscent of the old days.

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