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Orange is a town in the western part of the Bay State located in Franklin County. It's about an hour from Springfield, one of the major cities in the state. This ideal proximity gives locals plenty of things to do, such as going skydiving at Jumptown, trying out yoga at The White Elephant or taking a ride on a boat that launches off the banks of the Quabbin Reservoir. If people are looking for homes for rent, Orange might just be the spot for them. 

Facts for Renters

  • Orange initially was part of the neighboring down of Athol. Local settlers laid down a road that was far from the center of town, causing small communities known as Warwick and Royalston to develop. As the number of settlers in the area grew, they began to complain about not having access to local government and churches. So Orange was developed in the late 1700s using parts of these communities' lands. 
  • Orange was officially incorporated in 1810 and was named after Prince William of Orange. 
  • Many of the early settlers in the area were descendants of those in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and had arrived in Plymouth. Many came to North Orange, which still has a historic feel.
  • Initially, Orange was a farming town, and later turned into one with different types of industries. The sewing industry was prominent here after the New Home Sewing Machine Company was built. 

Resources for Renters

  • Get to know the history of this town better and how you can get involved in local government by checking out the Orange website.
  • Learn more about what there is to do around town and read up on current events by picking up a copy of the Athol Daily News.
  • Find out when you can expect parent teacher conferences and discover how you can prepare by visiting the Orange School District website.