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Sometimes, when trying to find the perfect home for rent for their families, parents look for communities or neighborhoods rather than big cities. They'd like to know about the people behind the friendly faces their children are going to see every day and find out what fun activities are taking place right in their own backyard. Anyone looking for wholesome communities in Minnesota has no doubt looked at Hamel. Located in the city of Medina, this neighborhood is a perfect, inclusive area for new renters to start a life in a fun region.

3 Things You Should Know About Hamel

  • Hamel prides itself on being pedestrian-friendly, as it's full of wide, accommodating sidewalks residents can stroll on to see the gorgeous sights in the neighborhood. 
  • The area was named for the Lange Hamel family, who donated land to Medina to create the train depot in 1884. 
  • While Medina became a city in 1974, Hamel wasn't given that title, and is known as an unincorporated city or neighborhood, but still integral to the success of Medina. 

2 Resources for Hamel Renters

  • Those in the neighborhood will want to check out the Hamel Community Building - not only does this building host many fun local events and boast recreational facilities, but it can also be rented out.
  • People new to Hamel should check out the Hamel Lion's Club. This organization offers fun activities like flea markets and Easter egg hunts, as well as scholarships for deserving students. 

What Can You Do in Hamel?

It might be worth it to take a look at the recreational areas at the Hamel Community Building, as they include basketball courts, six baseball fields, soccer fields, playgrounds and so on. Plus, in the winter, this is a great place for kids and adults who are young at heart to break out their sleds and zoom down the hill. When it's warm, the neighborhood puts on the Hamel Rodeo and the associated parade.

Common questions asked in Hamel, Minnesota

Where can I find cheap rental houses in Hamel, Minnesota?

Check out's cheap rental houses in Hamel. You can use our price filters to find rental houses under $900, under $1100, under $1300, under $1500, under $2000, under $2500

How big of a rental house can I afford?

Find Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, 4 Bedroom rental houses within your budget in Hamel, Minnesota. Or you can search for houses over 600 sq.ft, 800 sq.ft, 1000 sq.ft, 1200 sq.ft, 1400 sq.ft, 1600 sq.ft.

How can I tour properties in Hamel, Minnesota during times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Many landlords in Hamel, Minnesota are practicing social distancing and have started offering video tours of their properties. We recommend contacting landlords of properties you’re interested in and asking if they offer virtual tours over Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts. Here are some best practices to guide you through finding your next rental home during these times.

How can I find a rental house in a specific school district? was built with parents in mind. Within Hamel we have 177 rental houses spread across multiple school districts. To help narrow your search, simply enter the school name within the search bar to find rental homes in that school district.