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The cozy city of Lakeland, Minn., boasts active neighborhoods, fun activities to be enjoyed by all in the area, a beautiful landscape and all the amenities those looking for homes for rent in the city could wish for. Located on the St. Croix River and equipped with a view of Wisconsin across the water, there isn't much else renters could ask for in the city.

2 Fast Facts About Lakeland

  • Though Lakeland was among the areas discovered in the late 17th century, the region wasn't open to new settlers until treaties were passed with Native American residents in 1837.
  • Lakeland is relatively secluded, meaning that renters won't be forced to deal with the noise and bright lights of any nearby cities. In fact, the nearest city is Woodbury, which is about 15 minutes away.

2 Necessary Resources for New Residents

  • Individuals should contact the city Parks and Recreation Department to learn more about the three public parks, as well as the Bicycle Trail and Lakeland Beach.
  • Those new to the area should consider talking to representatives at Maroney's Sanitation, as the business is contracted by the city to pick up recycling at no cost to residents. People may want to learn about what can and can't be taken away, as well as the schedule.

What Can Lakeland Renters Do for Fun?

Because Lakeland is such a beautiful place, many individuals will want to try to spend the majority of their time outdoors. Luckily, the city makes this easy for residents. For instance, families can spend a fun day at Crocker Park checking out the playground and baseball diamond. Others might prefer Cully Park, with its volleyball and basketball courts.