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Brandon is a suburban community off Interstate 20, just to the east of Jackson. In addition to its proximity to Jackson, Brandon is conveniently located within an hour's drive of Vicksburg and Brookhaven to the south of interstate 55. In addition to Brandon's stellar location, many citizens will be reluctant to leave town because of its many amenities. Homes for rent in Brandon give families the chance to live in a vibrant community with a rich multicultural history and plenty of events and activities. The community really has a little bit of everything. There are residential and rural areas as well as a downtown and a variety of parks for kids and parents to play catch or picnic.

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • The Kaleidoscope Market gives families a place to explore at city hall with the rest of the community. Marked by live music, games, crafts and vendors, this annual festival happens every December. There's also a Spring Market.
  • Families will love the city's commitment to recreation and physical fitness. In addition to traditional sports like youth baseball and football, the city also offers adult softball and kickball leagues. 
  • Before European settlers ever made it to Brandon, the area was a popular location for Native American tribes. Many artifacts have been found all around the Rankin County, dating back to pre-colonial times. 

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Whether families are looking for an easy commute to Jackson or just a simple southern town, they will love Brandon.