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Explore New Houses for Rent in Gloucester City, NJ

If people are searching for the best place to establish themselves and set down roots in a new home for rent, they should definitely check out Gloucester City, N.J. The motto of this city, located less than 15 minutes from the heart of Philadelphia, is "Where great things are happening," which is an accurate representation of the active character of the area and its residents.

2 Facts for Gloucester City Renters

  • Gloucester City has its roots firmly embedded in the history of the United States - after all, the city was the first settlement on the famous Delaware River.
  • The Historical Preservation Commission has worked hard to ensure that many areas downtown still look like the Victorian-style Industrial Revolution city it once was.

3 Resources for Those in Gloucester City

  • If people new to the city need official documents, such as marriage licenses, pet licenses and other open public records, they should contact the City Clerk.
  • To learn more about the recycling and trash systems, as well as snow plowing and ways to go green at home, get in touch with the Public Works Department.
  • The Gloucester City Library is not only a great place to check out the newest books and movies, but it's also a fantastic place to study and get some quiet time.

What Can You Do in Gloucester City?

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do around the city for people with nearly any interests in mind. For instance, renters can check out the annual Gloucester City Cultural Arts & Heritage Society's Arts Exhibit in November. Those looking for adventure can charter sail boats at the city marina or simply take a walk around the riverside area and have a picnic.