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Houses for Rent in Ivy Hill, New Jersey

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Discover Houses for Rent in Ivy Hill, NJ

Ivy Hill is a neighborhood in the West Ward of Newark, N.J. Newark was once home to many of the New York City area's manufacturing jobs, but has become a hub for careers in the transportation, insurance and wholesale fields in recent years. Families seeking Ivy Hill homes for rent will appreciate living so close to the area's many job opportunities and amenities. Whether you're seeking a solo abode or a family-sized rental, this historic neighborhood has a lot to offer.

Ivy Hill Park: The Heart of the Neighborhood

  • Ivy Hill Park is one of the most well-known landmarks in the city of Newark. It is located in the westernmost reaches of the city, and is sandwiched between Seton Hall University and Mt. Vernon Place.
  • The park spans 18 urban acres, and is used frequently by renters living in the community.
  • All Essex County Parks - including Ivy Hill - were designed by the Olmsted Brothers, who worked on such famous projects as NYC's Central Park and the grounds of Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

Job Opportunities in and Around Ivy Hill

  • On an average day, Newark's population increases by about 22 percent due to incoming commuters.
  • The top industries in Newark include transportation, education, insurance and banking.
  • Because of its close proximity to New York City, Ivy Hill is an easy neighborhood from which to commute to jobs in the country's largest financial district.

Unique and Historic Cultural Amenities in Ivy Hill

In addition to its namesake park, the Ivy Hill neighborhood is home to a number of historic and well-known Newark amenities:

  • Seton Hall University
  • Mt. Vernon School
  • Mt. Sinai Congregation, one of the largest Jewish congregations remaining in Newark
  • Ivy Hill Apartments, one of New Jersey's largest privately owned apartment complexes.