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Find Your Next House for Rent in North Bergen, NJ

Wedged between the Hudson and Hackensack rivers, North Bergen, N.J., is a densely populated, geographically fascinating town. A fairly walkable area located within easy reach of Manhattan, North Bergen lets people interested in homes for rent in moderate urban areas enjoy the amenities of the metropolis with the peace that comes with living in a smaller town.

3 Facts for North Bergen Renters

  • North Bergen has the second largest number of hills per square mile of any city in the country, trailing only San Francisco. Unusual rock formations, cliffs and plateaus have given the town a creative canvas upon which to grow, leading to an eclectic array of neighborhoods and historical districts shaped by their distinctiveness.
  • Originally operated as a trading post, North Bergen became an important strategic possession for access to Manhattan Island during the Revolutionary War. 
  • The school district in North Bergen serves students from kindergarten through grade 12. 

Top Resources for Mount Holly Renters

  • The North Bergen town website provides a host of great information about the town, including a community events page, a help desk and even a photo gallery depicting North Bergen's most memorable events.
  • While North Bergen locals, owing to the town's proximity to Manhattan, can easily get the major newspapers, the North Bergen Reporter and North Bergen local news Web pages give residents a chance to keep up with news stories and events.

What to Do in and Around North Bergen

North Bergen is located close to the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway and the Hackensack RiverWalk, walkways that follow along the rivers that form parts of the eastern and western borders of the town. These walkways offer a great way to grab some outdoor air and take in the picturesque river valleys with the kids. Nearby Manhattan is home to some of the best shopping, dining, viewing and cultural experiences in the world right in North Bergen's backyard.