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Hartsdale is a small hamlet located within the town of Greenburgh, part of the larger Westchester County. The hamlet has many institutions that nod toward its community-mindedness. These include the Hart's Brook Nature Preserve and Arboretum, a place for children and parents to deepen their ties with nature. For parents and working residents, homes for rent and life in Hartsdale will be nice for renters looking to escape the office on the weekend by heading into the great outdoors. Ridge Road County Park is indicative of this, as the 170-acre park is located within the small stretch of land Hartsdale encompasses. The park offers picnicking, suited to young families seeking to strengthen bonds formed between parents and children. Outdoorsy residents will be happy to learn of the sheer size of the park, which offers numerous chances for exercise in the healthy fresh air. 

Interesting Facts About Hartsdale

  • Twenty-six streets in Hartsdale are named after famous poets, a nod to the hamlet's cultured atmosphere, which is a good influence for young children.
  • Hartsdale had a principal role in the American Revolution. George Washington and the famous French general Rochambeau worked on strategy for the war in the town.
  • Hartsdale sports an eclectic variety of cemeteries, housing such luminaries as the late civil rights writer James Baldwin and the famous comedian Ed Sullivan.

Resources Available for Potential Renters

  • For renters searching for solace and relaxation, Hartsdale Lake offers an aquatic and tranquil area that's excellent for lovers of nature. 
  • Hartsdale has a Sisters-Mercy Regional Community, offering an outlet for religious and spiritual citizens of Hartsdale. This is also a great opportunity for philanthropists and altruists of Hartsdale seeking a institution for their passion. 

Consider Living in Hartsdale, NY

The calm and relaxing hamlet of Hartsdale offers a place for parents seeking to raise their children in a warm community full of solidarity. The short distance to NYC also offers great economic outlets for potential renters and families.