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Houses for Rent in Valhalla, New York

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Houses for Rent in Valhalla, NY 

Valhalla is a New York hamlet located directly next to the Tectonic State Parkway and the tranquil Lake Kenisco, near villages like Elmsford. This juxtaposition may be appealing for renters seeking to move to Valhalla, providing an easy avenue of transportation while allowing a natural area perfect for relaxation and recreation. The ability of Valhalla residents to gain quick entrance to the parkway shortens the commute to New York City significantly. This could be attractive for a variety of reasons. An urban resident seeking a smaller-scale life will probably still have family and friends in New York City. Families searching for homes for rent in Valhalla will be pleased to know that the quick distance from the city can ease the burdens and sadness of moving. 

Interesting Information About Valhalla

  • The source of the town's name is linked to the magisterial Richard Wagner, a composer of numerous operas. A fan who lived in the hamlet thought that the name, invoking Viking glory, was appropriate.
  • Valhalla is home to the Kenisco Cemetery, where many notable people are buried. These include the famous Yankees baseball star Lou Gehrig, libertarian Ayn Rand, author of famous books like "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead," and The New Yorker cartoonist Peter Arno.
  • Valhalla had a population boom in the early 1900s during the construction of the nearby Kenisco Dam. 

Resources for Renters

  • Valhalla is located directly next to the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County. This operates under the auspices of Cornell University, providing the public with scholarship dedicated to assist local communities in improving upon their accumulated stock of knowledge. This could be of invaluable help to new renters settling in Valhalla.  
  • Valhalla Union School District has a website explaining the educational system and values Valhalla schools endorse.This will be of particular benefit to families seeking to start a family in the hamlet or move young children to an area with a vigorous educational ethic.