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Discover Houses for Rent in Arden, NC

Arden is a charming town in Buncombe County just miles from Royal Pines. Families searching for homes for rent will find a safe, friendly community filled with rich history and plenty of fun entertainment and events for residents.

Facts for Renters

  • Buncombe County was named after Col. Edward Buncombe, a Revolutionary War hero from Tyrell County.
  • When Buncombe was established in 1792, the new county consisted of the majority of western North Carolina and was so massive that it was commonly referred to as the "State of Buncombe."
  • From the late 1800s into the early 1900s, the county became a popular destination for tuberculosis sanatoriums due to its open, natural environment and clean air. These features also made it a frequented travel location for tourists. 
  • The Alexander Mountain Bike Park is available for active residents and is equipped with 6 miles of intermediate single-track trails as well as a dual slalom track that takes bikers down some of the steepest hills, challenging even the most experienced bikers.
  • Arden has two river parks offering grills, picnic areas and full river access for breathtaking views and guaranteed family fun.
  • There are various sports leagues for adults living in the area, such as an adult kickball and dodge ball league, making it easy to meet others in the community and stay active.
  • Buncombe County holds an annual Special Olympics for ages 2 and up, including both winter and summer events, depending on the time of year.

Resources for Renters

  • Want to learn more about the history of Buncombe County and the variety of activities that the area has to offer? Check out the county website.
  • Refer to the Buncombe County Schools website to become more involved in the local school district and to find out about school news.
  • The Citizen-Times keeps residents in the area up to date on a wide range of worldwide and local news stories.