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Find Great Houses for Rent in Garner, NC

If you're trying to find perfect homes for rent, why look any further than Garner, North Carolina? This comfy community, a suburb located only 6 miles away from Raleigh, is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city so that renters can lead a quiet life, but close enough that there's always something new to do. 

Fun Facts for Garner Renters

  • Garner was created as a direct result of the railroad making its way through North Carolina. The town was settled when the Speaker of the State House of Representatives cast the deciding vote to create a new North Carolina Railroad station in present-day Garner.
  • The town was originally known as a tobacco and cotton crop-producing area, without many settlements for a number of years after its inception.
  • The area was called Garner's Station for years before it was finally called Garner in 1905. 
  • Garner played a part during the Civil War - a number of small fights took place within town limits. Bullet holes can still be seen at the Garner House and Bethel Church.

Necessary Resources for Renters

  • People who head to Garner should check out the Guide to Garner, a document that welcomes new citizens and informs them about the latest goings-on in the community, as well as basic information about town services.
  • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources is invaluable for new renters looking for fun in the town. For instance, the department runs the Garner Performing Arts Center, which provides activities for locals of all ages, from athletic programs to nature courses.
  • The Southeast Regional Library not only offers many books and movies for those with a card, but there are plenty of classes and activities that children can take part in to foster a greater interest in reading.