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Holly Ridge is a community that's part of Onslow County, on the eastern coast of North Carolina. Families searching for homes for rent will be in close proximity to a number of other urban areas, such as Jacksonville and Wilmington. Amenities and interesting locations within Holly Ridge include Thomas Tackle & Seafood, Providence Baptist Church, Englese's Restaurant & Pizzeria, Pinewood Camp Ground and many more.

Interesting Facts About Holly Ridge

  • Originally, Holly Ridge served primarily as a fuel stop for the Atlantic Coast Line.
  • Major changes took place in Holly Ridge with the emergence of an anti-aircraft artillery training center in Holly Ridge in 1940.
  • A massive amount of funds were spent on the base, and it provided a significant economic boost for the small unincorporated community - 21,000 civilian employees worked at the base, not to mention regular army workers. The installation of the base, known as Camp David, also caused an enormous population explosion in Holly Ridge.
  • Prior to the installation of the base, Holly Ridge had less than 50 inhabitants. By 1943, the number of residents living in the community had skyrocketed to over 100,000. Camp David was closed in 1944.
  • Holly Ridge was officially incorporated in 1941. 

Resources for Renters

  • The town of Holly Ridge has an informative website with a wealth of pages hand-tailored to the needs of new renters in the community. A page called "Committees" breaks down into a number of subtopics, including parks and recreation, a planning board, a housing authority and numerous others. There's also a calendar available on the site, along with contact information, information about the city's government, links to social media and many other resources for residents. 
  • The Onslow County School System has a website with pages like "Schools" and "School Calendar" that will keep parents informed about the district. 

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