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Lewisville is located in Forsyth County, placing the community just west of Winston-Salem. The city is known to be a rapidly growing area in Forsyth County. Lewisville is also near major cities such as Greensboro. Families searching for homes for rent have many options when thinking about what to do and where to go in Lewisville. Prominent locations within the town include Durham Lake, Lewisville United Methodist Church, Lewisville Branch Library, Lewisville Shopping Center, Alex's Grill and Ice Cream, Lewisville Baptist Church and more.

Interesting Facts About Lewisville

  • Lewisville owes its origin to Moravian settlers, who came to the area and founded a community. One of the Moravians was named Lewis Laugenour, the namesake of the town. He was instrumental in the development of Lewisville, and his 19th century home is still standing in Lewisville today. 
  • Lewisville was not officially incorporated into North Carolina until 1991. The driving force behind the incorporation was the desire to retain Lewisville's small-town environment. In fact, planning has been specifically devoted to keeping Lewisville a pedestrian-friendly area. 
  • Along with Lewis Laugenour's home, there are other notable historic sites in Lewisville that renters can visit today. One example is the Roller Mill, established in 1910. The mill stopped operating in 1984. However, the building itself is still in Lewisville.

Resources for Renters

  • Lewisville has a website with a wealth of information for new residents. Residents can check out a current description of the community, which includes Lewisville's demographic information and its small town feel. Prominent pages on the website include "Events" and "Town Departments. You can learn more about events around town by visiting the site.
  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School has a website with pages like "Board of Education" and "Parents/Community" that will help parents in Lewisville learn about their children's educational opportunities.