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Find Your Next House for Rent in Mooresville, NC

Located in Iredell County, Mooresville is a beautiful, quaint town with plenty of homes for rent and even more history to be learned. This municipality has a downtown area that traces its history back to the mid-1800s, while some of the first stores to grace the town are still sitting on the main streets for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. 

Mooresville is located roughly 30 miles due north of Charlotte, meaning that residents get treated to the modern amenities of one of the most active cities in the nation. 

3 Facts About Mooresville

  • The D.E. Turner and Co. Hardware Store, which was founded in 1899, is still located in the downtown area, while the interior has been unchanged since it was first opened. 
  • The Mooresville Public Library, which was erected and opened in December 1939, is a great landmark to visit for history lovers, bookworms and many others. 
  • Mooresville has been hosting a Christmas parade for nearly 70 years, and doesn't intend to break this tradition any time soon.

Helpful Resources for Mooresville Renters

  • For information on the local government and public works, residents can access support through the town's website.
  • Renters who want to know what types of shops and other amenities can be found downtown can find information on the website dedicated to the area
  • Parents can learn about the public school system in Mooresville through its easy-to-navigate website

What to Do in Mooresville

Mooresville is an excellent location for families who have diverse preferences when it comes time for leisure. The quaint downtown area is perfect for shoppers who want an old-timey feel, while Charlotte and Winston-Salem are located within driving distance for serious city lovers.