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Houses for Rent in Raeford, North Carolina

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Explore Houses for Rent in Raeford, NC

Raeford is a city in North Carolina's Hoke County, near Fayetteville and Chapel Hill. Homes for rent in the city offer residents access to a plethora of restaurants, parks, schools and religious institutions, all of which will make the city attractive to anyone searching for a good location to raise a family. 

Facts About Raeford

  • Raeford was officially given a charter in 1901. The population was small then, as only 115 residents lived in the city.
  • Raeford became the county seat of Hoke County in 1911. 
  • There have been numerous newspapers in Raeford that have provided residents with information about local news.
  • The first of these newspapers was called "Facts and Figures," though it was only published for a brief time in the early 1900s. The Hoke County News was another paper in the city.
  • Agriculture was an important economic industry in Raeford's early history. However, the increased mechanization of agriculture has led to a decline in the number of farmers in Raeford.
  • Raeford was a center of education during its formative years, with many families coming to the community in the hopes of giving their children a good education.

Resources for Renters

  • Browsing through Raeford's official website is a good introduction to the city, especially for a new renter getting settled. The site provides details about Raeford's departments, jobs, administration, contact information and more. 
  • Hoke County Schools has a site with the motto "A 21st Century Learning System." The site will be a helpful guide to new parents of Raeford, given the detailed information the site provides on schools in the district, parents and community, the district's staff and more.  
  • The Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce's website offers details about business and the community. Other features on the site include the chamber's newsletter, contact information and a calendar of events.