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Discover Awesome Houses for Rent in Walkertown, NC

Walkertown is a community in North Carolina's Forsyth County and is part of the Piedmont Triad, near Winston-Salem. Homes for rent in Walkertown provides families with access to an excellent range of institutions, restaurants, schools, a library and more, making the town a wonderful place for families to raise their children.

Historical Facts About Walkertown and Forsyth County

  • The county derived its name from Benjamin Forsyth, who served as a colonel  in the War of 1812.
  • Moravians were some of the earliest settlers in the area, lending the area a distinct setting during its early history. 
  • The tobacco industry was a dominant economic staple in the county, and other prominent crops in the county were corn and soybeans.
  • Manufacturing was a key part of the county's economy and notable goods that the county continues to produce include textiles, optical fiber, tractors and furniture.

Helpful Resources for Renters

  • Delve into Walkertown's official website to find detailed information about the city, an excellent way for new renters to get settled in their new community. General resources include public notices, the town's elected officials, announcements, notable locations in the town, demographic information about Walkertown and more. 
  • Educational resources can be found on the site for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. There's a vast range of topical information for parents of Walkertown, such as information on the district's board of education, employees, the district's calendar, school board policies, a description of the district and more. 
  • Additional details about local government and services for residents are able to be tracked down on Forsyth County's website. There are  a bevy of notable county items, such as voter registration and election information, business licenses and renewals, county departments, the county's calendar and more.