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Find Houses for Rent in Harrison, OH

Harrison is a charming town located in Hamilton County. It's approximately a half hour from Cincinnati. Homes for rent allow families to enjoy the great outdoors while paddling in a canoe from Green Acres Canoe and Kayak Rental, play a game of fetch with your dog in the Miami Whitewater Forest or have a picnic at the Fernald Preserve.

Facts for Renters

  • Harrison first was settled in the early 1800s. Many settlers were attracted to the idea of untouched land close to main waterways in Ohio, such as the Great Miami River. Othneil Looker was one of the town's first settlers and became Ohio's fifth governor later on.
  • The town was named Harrison in 1814 after Gen. William Harrison, a resident in a nearby town and local war hero.
  • The town was raided by Confederate soldiers in 1863. They took horses and looted the town, burning a suspension bridge.
  • Harrison was not incorporated into the state until 1981.
  • The town's police department is nationally certified. The fire department and EMS service serve the city as well as the surrounding areas.
  • Transportation is very important to the town. There are plenty of canals, waterways, roads and interstates for visitors and residents to get around.

Resources for Renters

  • Learn more about this wonderful town by visiting the Harrison website.
  • Interested in enrolling children in local schools or want to become part of the school committee? Find out how to participate by visiting the Southwest Local School District website.
  • Get your daily fix of news and current events or just find out the local weather by reading the town's publication the Harrison Press.