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Find Houses for Rent in Maumee, OH

Maumee is a city located in Lucas County. It's approximately 20 minutes from the coastal city, Toledo, which also borders Michigan. Homes for rent allow families to enjoy a picnic at the Side Cut Metro Park, learn about some American history at the Fallen Timbers Battlefield or get a taste of local history at the Maumee Valley Historical Society.

Facts for Renters

  • The city got its name for its proximity to the Maumee River, which runs along Maumee's perimeter. Because of its location, the city was a point of several battles among the Americans, the British and the Native Americans. The area became famous for the Battle of Fallen Timbers. The battle occurred in the summer of 1794 and locked down the land for the Americans.
  • Maumee was known for its ship builders and soon became known as the mecca of ship building and a well-known river port.
  • During the construction of the Erie Canal, Maumee became somewhat of a terminus for the construction workers, bring commerce to the area and boosting the economy. During this prosperous time, the city gained a federal post office, a customhouse and a County Seat of Justice.
  • Maumee was officially incorporated as a city of Ohio in 1952. Despite being recognized as a city, Maumee still has a small-town feel and boasts a close-knit community with many young families.

Resources for Renters

  • Get to know the city of Maumee a little bit better by learning about its history through the Maumee Historical Society website.
  • The local news publication The Mirror Newspapers has weekly articles on local news and events going on around the city.
  • Find out when parent-teacher conferences are or how to get involved in local school fundraising by visiting the Maumee City Schools website.