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Enjoy Houses for Rent in Wilkinsburg, PA

Well-known as one of the excellent residential suburbs of Pittsburgh is the community of Wilkinsburg. This borough's proximity to Pittsburgh allows residents to easily commute to and from the larger metro for work or play. Homes for rent are often not far from the major routes of transit to Pittsburgh. The layout of the town is very indicative of its history - the community was originally designed to be a stopping point on the railroad from Pittsburgh, which means commercial areas center around the major routes and residential areas spread out from that point. 

Fast Facts About Wilkinsburg, PA

  • Wilkinsburg was annexed from the city of Pittsburgh in 1873 for a short period before residents voted to appeal this decision. Three years later, in 1876, locals returned to the vote and finalized the separation for independence. 
  • At certain points in its history, Wilkinsburg was known as "The Holy City" because of the high concentration of churches in the community. 
  • Residents with children can send their kids to institutions included in the Wilkinsburg School District, which consists of three elementary schools - Johnston, Kelly  and Turner. Then students are directed to Wilkinsburg Middle School and Wilkinsburg High School. Children who require more personalized attention can attend Wilkinsburg Academy. 

Important Resources for Wilkinsburg Renters

  • By visiting the official Wilkinsburg website, residents and visitors can learn about available community resources and check out a comprehensive events calendar. 
  • The Wilkinsburg School District website provides parents and students with valuable information about the various events and programs being held throughout the school system. 

What to Do in and Around Wilkinsburg

Many of the residents of Wilkinsburg attend local religious services on the weekends. It's also very common to see the community come together to watch sporting events like football at the high school.