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Discover Houses for Rent in Arkansas

For a state of its size, Arkansas neighbors quite a few states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee and Missouri. Homes for rent in Arkansas can appeal to renters looking to live in a central location in the South with ample green space and cultural attractions. Forest areas cover more than 17 million acres of the state, providing those with a taste for wilderness adventure plenty to explore. The state also hosts a number of sizable cities, such as Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Pine Bluff, Springdale and Arkansas's capital, Little Rock. Fayetteville, for instance, is home to the University of Arkansas, making it one of the state's intellectual hotspots.

What AK Renters Need to Know About Arkansas

  • Arkansas covers 53,187 square miles, establishing it as the 27th largest state in the U.S. The state also has 9,740 miles of streams and more than 600,000 acres of lakes.
  • Arkansas takes its name, which means "south wind," from the moniker used by some Native Americans to designate an early tribe that resided in the region, the Quapaws. The group's appellation was pronounced in a number of ways by individuals of different tongues, such as "Oo-ka-na-sa" by the Algonquins and "Oo-gaq-pa" by the French Jesuits.
  • Arkansas receives an average of 50 to 55 inches of rainfall in the Mississippi River Delta area annually, while the mountainous regions are drenched with about 45 inches per year.

Top 2 Arkansas Attractions for Renters to Enjoy

  • Spanning nearly 2 million acres, the Ouachita National Forest is a massive green space that may attract families and nature lovers from across the state. Visitors can engage in aquatic activities, such as non-motorized boating and fishing, or enjoy themselves on land by going horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking.
  • The Hemingway-Pfeifer Museum and Educational Center, located in Piggott, Ark., provides renters with the chance to explore the history of the 1920s and 1930s through the exhibits that present information about events of the era, the lives of members of Ernest Hemingway's family and the literature of the time.

Fun Facts to Learn About Arkansas

The state mineral of Arkansas is quartz, while the diamond is the state gem and bauxite is the state rock. Fort Chaffee was the site where Elvis Presley got his renowned G.I. crew cut. The racial tension of Little Rock Central High School inspired The Beatles' song "Blackbird," according to Paul McCartney. The 1937 flood of Dyess Colony served as the impetus for Johnny Cash to write "Five Feet High and Rising."