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Houses for Rent in Old Hickory, Tennessee

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Discover Houses for Rent in Old Hickory, TN

Homes for rent in the section of metropolitan Nashville, Tenn., known as Old Hickory are unique. The area was given that unique nickname in memory of President Andrew Jackson, a Tennessee native who served two terms in the White House in the 1800s.

He purportedly earned the moniker for his fiery personality and ruggedness.

Top 2 Resources for Old Hickory Renters

  • To stay connected to local businesses and activities, renters should contact the Old Hickory Chamber of Commerce, which serves as a network of local businesses. It holds regular meetings and puts out a monthly newsletter.
  • The Old Hickory Village Association also helps local renters develop a sense of community. The nonprofit corporation was created to help promote community spirit and a high quality of life.

Local History Old Hickory Renters Should Know

  • In addition to the legacy of President Jackson, the community also has a great deal of historical significance even though it wasn't created until after World War I. The original rentals in the area were constructed to support a wartime gunpowder factory. That facility was later sold to the company DuPont - the area's main employer for many years. DuPont also maintains an archive of local historical content.
  • The community also plays a central part in the historic landscape of Tennessee. Multiple sites, such as Cleveland Hall and The Hibbetage, are located on the National Register of Historic Places and near local rentals.

Things to Do in Old Hickory

In addition to its numerous historic attractions, renters in Old Hickory also have access to a number of recreational opportunities - particularly Old Hickory Lake. The area surrounding the lake is ideal for hiking, camping, boating, hunting and fishing.