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Discover Houses for Rent in Anna, TX

Anna is located in Collin County just north of Dallas. Anna also neighbors McKinney and Van Alstyne, meaning that residents and families searching for homes for rent will find themselves in a highly urban area of Texas. Residents can eat at Mr. Jim's Pizza, Mama Mia's Pizzeria and Joe's Italian Bistro, pursue exercise and athletic exploits at Johnson Park, Geer Park and Natural Springs Park, all while living in Anna.

History of Anna

  • Anna began its development in the late 1800s, with 1883 being a significant year. By then, there was a gristmill, a few stores and a church in Anna.
  • The city was originally founded by John F. Greer. He was a settler who constructed homes and stores in the city. He also served as the first mayor. 
  • Anna's first bank opened in 1902.
  • The city was officially brought into Texas in the early 1900s - it was incorporated in 1913. 
  • The community of Anna has been small and low-key throughout its history. 
  • There's dispute over the origins of Anna's name - some conclude that the city derives its name from Greer's daughter, while others suggest that the city was named after the daughter of a prominent railway superintendent, George A. Quinlan.

Resources for Renters

  • Collin County's website will be helpful for renters of Anna. The site has pages that will help orient residents, with pages like "Living and Visiting," "Government," "Doing Business," "Online Services" and a county directory. 
  • The Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce has an ideal website that's perfect for residents interested in the local economy and business of their community. Pages provide instruction on becoming a member, help residents find stores and shops in Anna, show the latest news and events in the city and offer many other resources.