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Discover Houses for Rent in Elgin, TX

Elgin is a Texas city located east of Austin and neighboring Taylor. Renters searching for homes for rent in the city will find an area tailored to the needs of both individuals and families, with locations such as Morris Memorial Park, Veterans' Memorial Park, Southside Market & BBQ and Sacred Heart Catholic Church dotting the landscape.

History of Elgin

  • The city owes its name to Robert Morris Elgin, who was commissioner of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad. The development of the railroad was the reason for the founding of Elgin.
  • Elgin has been known by a number of names throughout its history. These included Perryville, Young's Settlement and Hogeye. 
  • The late 1890s witnessed an increase in the population of the city. This coincided with the growth of a number of businesses in the area. These included agriculture, brick making, coal mining and the rise of construction in the developing city. The dominance of brick making in the area led to the bestowal of the title "The Brick Capital of the Southwest." 
  • Cotton was also a prominent crop in the early days of Elgin. Five cotton gins operated at one time, making Elgin a prosperous city.
  • Elgin was officially incorporated into Texas in 1901. 
  • Many families moved to Elgin in 1910, creating a more residential area.

Resources for Renters

  • Elgin's website will give a renter a unique picture of life in the city. The site has pages on living in Elgin, as well as information related to local staples. These include pages that will direct a renter to the city's arts, festivals, films, depot museum, historic district and parks and recreation. 
  • Elgin Independent School District's website has information on education within the city, with pages informing parents about the experience to be expected. There's also a page that will help hard-working students, called "For Students."