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Discover Beautiful Houses for Rent in Hempstead, TX

Hempstead is a quaint city located in Waller County. The city is approximately an hour outside of Houston. Homes for rent allow families to check out the Waller County Fair, taste some delicious cuisine at the Watermelon Festival or savor some greenery at the Peckerwood Garden.

Facts for Renters

  • The town was founded in 1856 by Richard Peebles and James McDade, who created the Hempstead Town Company that sold land to interested settlers. Peebles named the town after his brother, Dr. G.S.B. Hempstead.
  • The town was incorporated in 1858.
  • During the Civil War, the town served as a Confederate military site. The town's grounds were used for a military hospital and a manufacturing and supply area.
  • Once the war was over, the town was revitalized thanks to its booming cotton industry and textile manufacturing. However, between 1872 and 1876, the town was blown great losses because of several fires.
  • In the early twentieth century, the town was known as "Six-Shooter Junction," because of its feuds among different political and social parties, such as the Klu Klux Klan and the Greenbackers.
  • The town was disincorporated in 1899 and reincorporated in 1935.
  • In 1984, the town elected their first black mayor, LeRoy Singleton.
  • Some of the largest employers for the town throughout the '90s were educational institutions, car sales and government.
  • Today, the town still thrives because of its close proximity to the city of Houston.

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