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Houses for Rent in Keene, Texas

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Find Great Houses for Rent in Keene, TX

Located in Johnson County, Keene is a city on Route 67 near Interstate 35W. Just east of Cleburne, Keene is about 30 minutes from Fort Worth in the north. Homes for rent in Keene are perfect for families who enjoy living in a religious college town. With the beautiful Southwestern Adventist University in the center of the city and plenty of local and convenient shops nearby, families will instantly feel at home in this community. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • Jeremiah Easterwood and his family settled the area in 1852. He built a Methodist church that doubled as a school. Fewer than 50 years later, Southwestern Union College opened in the community in 1896. 
  • Keene's name was chosen by post office officials as the community was growing throughout the late 1800s. Much of the growth can be attributed to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway that ran through the area. 
  • The number of businesses in Keene has steadily increased throughout the 20th century as the population has. The town has an entrepreneurial spirit that can be tracked back to its early days. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • Residents get their regional, state and local news from the Keene Star. With reporting on local news, sports, opinion and lifestyle, renters will quickly feel like part of the community with this news source. 
  • The Keene Independent School District is a great educational resource for families. The school year is split into six parts, giving families good holiday breaks and maximum amount of time for education. 
  • The city of Keene website is an excellent tool for renters. With public notices, a community calendar, and ample information about elected officials and departments, renters will have the whole city at their finger tips.